Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sooo long since I've made a new charm bracelet.....

I havn't done one of my fully loaded charm bracelets for ages , but after a lovely trip to the auctions yesterday I have loads and loads of lovely "new" vintage here is make #1

My bracelets are a mix of new and vintage beads,charms and gemstones, each one is totally unique, I never repeat a bracelet ( although I have done similiar for customers in different colours )as I can't cause each one takes shape as I make it and involves so many different beads that I couldn't remember what went into one,lol,this one has a real Autumn feel to it and I have called it "Fall".

I made this one when watching t.v last night and I'm pondering over a design for another one in black with a nice strong contrasting colour ( not sure yet which colour to use)


  1. Fab bracelet, love the colour combo! I love vintage stuff, so I will make sure to come back and visit often now i've found you! Thanks for your thought on my blog about the 'stolen idea!' i'm still pondering on it!

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