Friday, 30 October 2009

BIG buttons......

I love buttons !!
old vintage,new ones,unusual ones and BIG ones.
The button in the pic is huge,when i saw them i had to have them even though i had no idea what i was going to do with them.
I made a necklace pretty much the same as the pic but in cream for myself and everybody seemed to like it ( i loved it ),although my sons girlfriend said i looked like an art teacher in it ( not a bad thing when you think about it, art teachers have a certain unique style )
This one I've adapted slightly and added more cords's designed to be a choker style ,not everybodies cup of tea i know but suits the button and makes it a statement necklace.
I'll put it out at my next event and see what people think,sometimes the more unusual the design the more people love it ( sometimes they don't,lol)and if people don't like and it sits gathering dust then i have another button necklace all for me !!

now to find something to do with all the lovely mother of pearl buttons i have ...hmmmmm

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