Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I've made so many new designs ...

I've been really busy making the past few weeks that last week we took a few days off and went down south to visit both sets of family

We had a lovely time and I came home with some mouthwatering allotment veg off my dad,I know I should make the time to do my own veg but I never seem to have enough hours in the day and Mr Boo is no gardener !!
I have a weekend event this week and then a 3 day event next week plus I need to put more designs on my website. As most of my designs are one of kind I find it hard to choose between putting them on the website or taking them to events .Most do end up priced up and bagged for events (mainly because I dread photographing them as I really can't seem to get a good pic of any of them)
anyway here's a couple of my newbies ....hope you like
The top one is dyed shell and glass , I love shell at the minute and it features in quite alot of my new stuff , I've had some lovely compliments over this design ,I have quite a few similiar designs like this
The middle pic is glass and vintage acrylic beads, I sold this design when we went down South ( I go nowhere without stock,lol).
The bottom pic is yesterdays make ...natural hollow shells with freemoving white freshwater pearls...I came up with this design over a year ago and it's still very popular and adapts to most beads ( ooh as i was typing a christmas present brainwave came over me,lol,shhhhh say no more)