Friday, 27 November 2009

Art Teacher Jewellery ??............

I'm pleased to say my button necklace that i put on here sold at my last craft fair ..the lady who bought it was very pleased with it and it did give a bit more confidence in some of more "unique" designs
my newest is this

my sons girlfriend calls this type that i do "art teacher" jewellery because she says art teachers always wear bold,eye catching designs ...hopefully i havn't offended any art teacher who think they would never wear anything like that in a month of sundays,lol.
If I'm brave enough I may put this one out for sale at my fair tomorrow, or i may wear it myself and see what kind of comments ( or sniggers ,lol ) that i get

Monday, 16 November 2009

I love reading craft tutorials ....

I love sitting and browsing through peoples craft tutorials, I think it's great that not only do people share their ideas but explain step by step how to achieve them.
Todays find is

I've looked at a few but definatly want to try making the butterfly collage

i love butterflies and it sounds like something even i can do ,lol, if i ever do find the time I will definatly post a pic on here

Kittens ,Beads and Christmas.....

I don't think i've mentioned on here or on the craft forum but my little ruby cat had kittens on my birthday on the 23rd of September..she had 4 and they are sooo ready to go to new homes now. My eldest son decided to have 2 and he picked them up yesterday ,that leaves me with these 2 monsters

they have loads of character alot like their mother and you can't help but awww and ohhh and them but it will be nice to see them homed and get my house back to normal and book the cat in too be done ! more kits in this house !!

I mentioned I was doing a grey and white pearl bracelet, well i finished it ...took me longer because i was doing it while watching t.v and as all my family know i can't watch t.v,lol i either fall asleep or find 101 jobs that really need doing straight away !
anyway here it is, i have enough glass pearls left to make another so i think i will make one for the website

and finally ................there are 38 days left to Christmas !!!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

I had a thought while peeling potatos

I have some weird and wonderful and sometimes just dam boring thoughts and clippets of inspiration when I'm doing mundane jobs like spud peeling ,hoovering etc..well while peeling yesterdays spud ( 6 of us living at home and one son visiting,I had a lot of spuds,lol) I thought, people who follow or stumble across my blog must think I do some strange jewellery because the only pics i seem to put up are the ones i'm not sure about
I do do normal stuff....promise, I just don't always get round to photographing it all, as normally i tag,bag and store it in my craft fair boxes once they are done....anyway I did manange to take a pic of these 2 bracelets which sold at last weeks event ( can't remember why i took the pics but glad i did)

The faux glass pearl one is a popular design that I've done in loads of different colours and I'm currently doing one in white and grey

The other one is made from vintage leopard print beads, i had enough to do 3 braclets like this ( kept one for me !) and they have always sold really quickly...sadly i only have about 3 of these beads now , so i will have to think of something to do with them

so todays memo to self is ..............take more photographs !!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Is it steampunk ??

This week i've been busy making bracelets and necklaces for all the craft fairs we have booked in the run up to Christmas.
I tried something a little different , I was aiming for steampunkish but not sure if it so many of my ideas it looked so much better in my head,lol

To start with the diamond glaze cracked but a brainwave and a liberal coat of clear nail varnish helped then i found i didn't have as many little butterflies as i thought
anyway i will keep this one and hopefully improve on the next one i do