Monday, 16 November 2009

Kittens ,Beads and Christmas.....

I don't think i've mentioned on here or on the craft forum but my little ruby cat had kittens on my birthday on the 23rd of September..she had 4 and they are sooo ready to go to new homes now. My eldest son decided to have 2 and he picked them up yesterday ,that leaves me with these 2 monsters

they have loads of character alot like their mother and you can't help but awww and ohhh and them but it will be nice to see them homed and get my house back to normal and book the cat in too be done ! more kits in this house !!

I mentioned I was doing a grey and white pearl bracelet, well i finished it ...took me longer because i was doing it while watching t.v and as all my family know i can't watch t.v,lol i either fall asleep or find 101 jobs that really need doing straight away !
anyway here it is, i have enough glass pearls left to make another so i think i will make one for the website

and finally ................there are 38 days left to Christmas !!!!

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  1. awww they are so sweet! I have a kitten, she is about 6 months old now and still very mischievous! Hope you find good homes for them.