Monday, 16 March 2009

So nice when somebody loves what you do....

This post is a really short one, I am mid spring clean and probably will be for the rest of the Spring,lol !
My fairies bracelet posted on here sold yesterday at a wonderful event,I was so pleased as I loved this design and the lady buying it fell it love with it straight away.
I have another idea that I'm mulling over for a bracelet, will post a photo of it on here if it ever takes shape

Back to my cleaning .......

Monday, 9 March 2009

I was going to do some Spring cleaning but.....

Faires in my Garden Fully Loaded Vintage Style Charm Bracelet.

well I woke up full of the best intentions and started off quite well, till I got to my work table !.

I love the fabric leaves and the vintage daises. Butterflies and fairy charms hide amongst the flowers and leaves along with emerald quartz. I don't know where to sell this yet , as I have alot of craft fairs coming up I may keep it to display at those
I am trying to sort out my fairs so I can do a "TICKETYBOO ON TOUR" bit to this blog.
I will price this and box it then decide I think.
meanwhile I am going to seriously think about maybe possibly starting on the cleaning ,lol

Friday, 6 March 2009

making mothers present

I decided to make my mum and my MIL a mothers day present this year and racked my brains for a few days as to what.., neither are big earring or bracelet wearers.

I know my mum has admired the seed bead twisted necklaces before and hopefully my MIL likes them as well, I think she will , she has bought a number of necklaces off me lately and fingers crossed the necklace will suit her, hers will be in red or blue and black.
I've had these bugle beads for years after buying a huge lot for pennies ,I've never used them till now. It took me sooooooooo long to make ( about 6 hrs in all ) so I don't think I'll be making these to sell,lol.
The harderst part ( apart from losing whole strings of beads time and time again , grrrr ! ) was getting it to twist, but trial and error and a bit of luck and I got there in the end.
Hopefully the next one will go a bit quicker as I know what I'm doing now ( lol, she says ) , soon as its done I'll pop it on here
and maybe I might make one for myself .... if doing the 2nd one doesn't drive me stark raving mad ,lol

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The last few days.........

Well it's been an eventful few days in the Ticketyboo household and it's only really today I have felt like doing anything to do with my jewellery.

I have been making glazed bezel charms for a friend, I havn't made any of these since last summer and have really enjoyed making them again.
I was worried my diamond glaze may have gone "off" and become cloudy but it has come out lovely and clear, clearer than it looks in the photo.
I came across a tip for the bubbles in diamond glaze, I havn't tried it but I will do later if I get through the mountain of ironing thats built up ......................
if you have bubbles in a freshly squeezed diamond glaze carefully skim over the surface with the flame of a cooker lighter ( or lighter ) , being careful not to soot the glaze ( or burn the surface if you are glazing onto wood ), the bubbles should all pop leaving a smooth blemish free surface ..
if you do try this please let me know how it works as bubbles can be the bain of any diamond glazers life