Thursday, 30 July 2009

I'd love to find the time to......

You might think daft bird you are writing your blog but I'd love to find the time to write properly again.
I used to love writing short stories and somewhere in the mess I laughingly call home are loads of my efforts,covering loads of different topics.They were never intended for anybody to read ( in fact lots havn't been seen by anybody but me) , they were just a nice way to fill a quiet night when my kids were little and all tucked up in bed by 7pm!
I love reading and many ideas have been from some of my favourite books ,I have so many favourites including anything by Daniel Defoe but especially Moll Flanders ( I tend to reread it every 6 months or so) and A Journal of the Plague Year ( sounds morbid but was so interesting) , my other favourites are Stephen Donaldsons Thomas Covenant Chronicles and I'm eagerly waiting the next one is the series ( I started reading these when i was about 16 ,so was overjoyed when he decided to write more of them) and the Garion novels by David and Leigh Eddings ( again these are the ones I reread again and again). A new author I discovered was C.J Samson ,the Shardlake series ( not reread them all again yet but I know I will),as well as The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,K Pax and many many more

Probably as the winter rolls on and I feel less guilty about not doing the garden and the housework I will hopefully find the time and inspiration to put something down on paper ( or screen ) and who knows I may even be brave enough to show a small section off on here

Monday, 27 July 2009

who remembers Nurse Nancy ?.........

Hands up if you remember Nurse Nancy from the Twinkle comics.....
We had a rare sunday at home this week so managed to get to a local car boot where I picked up 2 Twinkle annuals at a very good price, they were a little child damaged inside on some pages so i decided to upcycle them into bangles
I've had the bangles for ages and was orginally going to paint and seal them but this was much fun. The whole bangle is covered with nurse nancy pics and then varnished, for a 1st attempt I'm quite pleased with it .Sadly it doesn't fit my chunky wrist so I may have to chat to my dad about wood turning some large bangles.This one needs a couple more coats of varnish yet and then hopefully I'll be able to post a better pic of it
Leafing through the annual and doing the bangle really took me back to my childhood where I would find a quiet corner of the house and sit and read my comic for hours.
These are definatly something I will be doing again .Time to go searching for some more childhood annuals I think

Sunday, 19 July 2009

I'm a convert.....

Recently I was chatting to the lovely Jane from about hand sanitizer gels ....I've always used one ( I think it stems from my many years working in care )..she advised me too try her lavender handwash liquid soap...its a lovely foaming soap that you can carry round with you .....and I'm a convert , it's smells gorgeous and doesn't dry out my hands
plus at the same time we got our jack russell some of the neem oil soap...she has very sensitive skin and it works a treat, I will definatly be buying some for my sisters dogs.
Next on my list to try is the dead sea bath salts as I do love a good soak in the tub after a long day

I will definatly post a pic as soon as I can track down some batteries for my camera ( maybe one of the dog " enjoying" her bath

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I won some gorgeous earrings............

I mentioned in a previous post that I had won some gorgeous earrings from the lovely , well they arrived this morning and they are stunning.........thank you so much

I will wear them to for my poker game tonight and hopefully they will bring me luck.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

My Steampunk Purse........Time to keep a secret

After I tidy up of my work table I felt a bit more inspired (plus I could actually find everything !!) so decided to have another go at steampunk.
This purse locket is fantastic and I've had a it a while so here's my steampunk purse locket called.....Time to keep a secret

The tiny yellow label inside reads shh...
This might be taken off as I'm not sure about it but I love this design and am a little more confident about doing more as I have some gorgeous unique findings that I have collected over the years.
Maybe I should tidy more often ,lol...............

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Oh my .....I won

Oh my oh my, I won a those who know me know I usually have one type of luck...bad luck .I never win anything .
But I entered June giveaway to name her beautiful dragon bracelet sister Wendy used to love dragons and I know a few "dragon names" , I thought this one looked like a Nagendra which means snakegod. The prize is a beautiful pair of earrings
Thank you so much , I can't wait to receive them and show them post a photo on here