Monday, 27 July 2009

who remembers Nurse Nancy ?.........

Hands up if you remember Nurse Nancy from the Twinkle comics.....
We had a rare sunday at home this week so managed to get to a local car boot where I picked up 2 Twinkle annuals at a very good price, they were a little child damaged inside on some pages so i decided to upcycle them into bangles
I've had the bangles for ages and was orginally going to paint and seal them but this was much fun. The whole bangle is covered with nurse nancy pics and then varnished, for a 1st attempt I'm quite pleased with it .Sadly it doesn't fit my chunky wrist so I may have to chat to my dad about wood turning some large bangles.This one needs a couple more coats of varnish yet and then hopefully I'll be able to post a better pic of it
Leafing through the annual and doing the bangle really took me back to my childhood where I would find a quiet corner of the house and sit and read my comic for hours.
These are definatly something I will be doing again .Time to go searching for some more childhood annuals I think


  1. Oooh the years have just flooded back!Lol, love the bangle, great way to upcycle too! great work


  2. Wow! That's a really cute idea! Carboots are great for upcycling!