Thursday, 9 July 2009

My Steampunk Purse........Time to keep a secret

After I tidy up of my work table I felt a bit more inspired (plus I could actually find everything !!) so decided to have another go at steampunk.
This purse locket is fantastic and I've had a it a while so here's my steampunk purse locket called.....Time to keep a secret

The tiny yellow label inside reads shh...
This might be taken off as I'm not sure about it but I love this design and am a little more confident about doing more as I have some gorgeous unique findings that I have collected over the years.
Maybe I should tidy more often ,lol...............


  1. Oh Wow.....just gorgeous I love this, got a real oldie worldie feel about the shhhh, too keep up the great work


  2. I love the label too, keep it in!! The whole look of it is fab. Well done