Thursday, 30 July 2009

I'd love to find the time to......

You might think daft bird you are writing your blog but I'd love to find the time to write properly again.
I used to love writing short stories and somewhere in the mess I laughingly call home are loads of my efforts,covering loads of different topics.They were never intended for anybody to read ( in fact lots havn't been seen by anybody but me) , they were just a nice way to fill a quiet night when my kids were little and all tucked up in bed by 7pm!
I love reading and many ideas have been from some of my favourite books ,I have so many favourites including anything by Daniel Defoe but especially Moll Flanders ( I tend to reread it every 6 months or so) and A Journal of the Plague Year ( sounds morbid but was so interesting) , my other favourites are Stephen Donaldsons Thomas Covenant Chronicles and I'm eagerly waiting the next one is the series ( I started reading these when i was about 16 ,so was overjoyed when he decided to write more of them) and the Garion novels by David and Leigh Eddings ( again these are the ones I reread again and again). A new author I discovered was C.J Samson ,the Shardlake series ( not reread them all again yet but I know I will),as well as The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,K Pax and many many more

Probably as the winter rolls on and I feel less guilty about not doing the garden and the housework I will hopefully find the time and inspiration to put something down on paper ( or screen ) and who knows I may even be brave enough to show a small section off on here

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  1. ooh go on show it off on here....I dare you!!LOl(p.s left you something on my blog x)