Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The last few days.........

Well it's been an eventful few days in the Ticketyboo household and it's only really today I have felt like doing anything to do with my jewellery.

I have been making glazed bezel charms for a friend, I havn't made any of these since last summer and have really enjoyed making them again.
I was worried my diamond glaze may have gone "off" and become cloudy but it has come out lovely and clear, clearer than it looks in the photo.
I came across a tip for the bubbles in diamond glaze, I havn't tried it but I will do later if I get through the mountain of ironing thats built up ......................
if you have bubbles in a freshly squeezed diamond glaze carefully skim over the surface with the flame of a cooker lighter ( or lighter ) , being careful not to soot the glaze ( or burn the surface if you are glazing onto wood ), the bubbles should all pop leaving a smooth blemish free surface ..
if you do try this please let me know how it works as bubbles can be the bain of any diamond glazers life

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