Friday, 13 November 2009

I had a thought while peeling potatos

I have some weird and wonderful and sometimes just dam boring thoughts and clippets of inspiration when I'm doing mundane jobs like spud peeling ,hoovering etc..well while peeling yesterdays spud ( 6 of us living at home and one son visiting,I had a lot of spuds,lol) I thought, people who follow or stumble across my blog must think I do some strange jewellery because the only pics i seem to put up are the ones i'm not sure about
I do do normal stuff....promise, I just don't always get round to photographing it all, as normally i tag,bag and store it in my craft fair boxes once they are done....anyway I did manange to take a pic of these 2 bracelets which sold at last weeks event ( can't remember why i took the pics but glad i did)

The faux glass pearl one is a popular design that I've done in loads of different colours and I'm currently doing one in white and grey

The other one is made from vintage leopard print beads, i had enough to do 3 braclets like this ( kept one for me !) and they have always sold really quickly...sadly i only have about 3 of these beads now , so i will have to think of something to do with them

so todays memo to self is ..............take more photographs !!

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