Thursday, 29 October 2009

I have no patience ......

I know ,i know I should wait for the glue to dry before i take a pic, but i've never had any patience with little things like that !!
I tidied up my worktable recently ( there was actually a mound of bits and pieces in the middle of the table at least 10 inches high )and found a bag of cufflink blanks...i think i bought a wholesale amount when i had an order for some scrabble cufflinks ,obviously i'd planned to do so much with them then forget all about it !!( typical me )
Well this is my new idea ( not new new but new to me )

I quite like them and the clear cabs on the front make the words "pop" out,I have about 6 pairs of cufflinks now ( the others being gaming dice ones) which i will box up and sell as Christmas stocking fillers at the next fair we do

Let you know if people liked them,lol

1 comment:

  1. I really love these, a great way use to words, they look really stylish. I am terrible at waiting for things to dry too, my motto is "I dont do waiting"!! lol