Thursday, 25 June 2009

Made for me by Ticklyspider

We have been so busy here since Saturday , it just seems to be no stop what with one thing and another.

We did 2 seperate fairs over the weekend and had a fantastic time at both a met some lovely people , new friends and old.

Sunday my very clever friends of had my order ready for me and wow it's lovely , so lovely I have to share it with you
The first pic are of course gold "love" letters these are part of a Christmas present for a family member , the second letters are mine ...for my bathroom of course .They are large letters and in the shop you would pay a small fortune for something like this.
I'm sure you will agree they are gorgeous ....and such a good price. I know these designs are very very popular and they are already working on ideas for Christmas with these beautiful wooden letters.
thank you guys

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