Monday, 11 May 2009

Makes from a bad weekend...

This weekend has been very draining and upsetting so on Sunday I sat and crafted..for a while now I've wanted to tweak my display table without the huge outlay

so card and scissors in hand I came up with these

they are perfect for bracelets and easily replaceable should they get tatty, plus they stack really well .I have about 20 in black and white and intend to give them a trial run at my next craft fair


  1. These are such a good idea!! Your bracelets will and do, look fab on you say easy to store and to make. Love them

  2. Your display stands look fab!! Practical too :)

    Your jewellery is all gorgeous too!!

    I have just awarded you the "Honest Scrap Award" - to collect your award please come along to my blog at

    Love Laura xxx