Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Necklaces .............

I have decided this year to find the time to blog more and post more of my designs...this blog is about 3 new necklaces, well 2 necklaces and 1 pendant that has yet to morph into a full necklace
NECKLACE 1...£13.00

Necklace 1 is a cord and silverplate donut pendant, I make all the cord necklaces myself as I like to see alot of cord threads,this one has 13 cords..although I haven't as yet put it on my website it is for sale
NECKLACE 2.....£20.00

Necklace 2 is made from hand dyed multiple threads and has a vintage agate slice pendant, This is a stunning necklace and I will definatly be using more hand ded threads in my jewellery.Both necklaces have silver plated fastenings and I can provide measurements should you be interested
And finally
PENDANT (soon to be necklace) ......£6.00

A cute cupcake pendant that follows my russian doll pendants that have been and still are very popular, this cupcake has a scattering of silver dust around it and can be hung from any chain, ribbon or cord...i don't know yet what i will hang it from but if you fancy buing the pendant on it's own get in touch

All 3 designs may end up on my website or they may come with me to fairs but if you like any of them please do send me a message



  1. I love the cupcake pendant, am a sucker for all things cupcake.

  2. Such Lovely work.
    I've given you a blog award!
    come and see how to collect it on my blog